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Sleeply is a supplement that helps consumers to improve their sleep at night to feel more rested and focused in the morning. The remedy only includes a few ingredients, but they all support the user’s need to rest at night. So how does it work?

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What is Sleeply?

Falling asleep every night is incredibly difficult for some consumers. Their brain just seems to go from one topic to the next, signaling the release of cortisol and other hormones that keep the brain alert at night. When the brain can’t rest at night, consumers can sustain damage. Jim Hefner, a man who has been involved in the health industry for a while, decided to launch Sleeply.

Jim’s decision to launch the product was personal; he experienced incredible stress with many personal and professional issues along the way. Even his romantic life kept his mind up at night, wishing he could just sleep. However, the hormones that come with stress are notorious for their lack of support at night. After trying sleep medications, melatonin, and even CBD, Jim decided to pursue his own formula.

Sleeply makes it possible to sleep better every night, waking up feeling refreshed and at peace in the morning.


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Sleeply Customer
5 Star rating Sleeply

 Verified Buyer

it’s excellent…

It helps me get a good night’s sleep and keeps me calm and peaceful! Your customer service is excellent!

Monica A. Newyork

Sleeply Customer 1

 Verified Buyer

It has improved my sleep

I started using Sleeply™ a couple months ago, since then I’ve been getting longer, better sleep cycles. And, No side effects or tiredness in the morning. Thank you!

Diane J. Los Angeles, California

Sleeply Customer 2
5 Star rating-Sleeply

 Verified Buyer

Thanks for the product.

Since I use Sleeply™, I feel calm, and I sleep thru the night and feeling good in the morning. Thanks for the product. Very satisfactory, and will reorder.

Jeff T. Chicago, Illinois

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Sleeply Features and Benefits

  •  Sleeply uses natural ingredients that can restore the natural sleep cycle
  • ​All Sleeply ingredients are organic and from pure sources
  • ​Sleeply balances various hormones and may increase insulin sensitivity
  • ​It can balance mood hormones and stabilize cortisol levels
  • ​It may improve digestive health, enabling users to utilize nutrients effectively
  • ​Sleepily boosts sleep, thus facilitating cell regeneration
  • ​The sleep support may improve energy levels and diminish chronic fatigue
  • ​Sleepily supports brain health and may augment cognition
  • ​Sleepily is available without a prescription
  • ​It may enhance sexual health

How Does Sleeply Work?

When Jim set out to make a formula that helps users have a higher quality sleep experience, he set out to create a supplement with all-natural ingredients. While some people might turn to the use of Cannabidiol (CBD), there’s a less known compound from the hemp plant that is more suitable to help. This cannabinoid, though not as widely known, is Cannabinol (CBN). This natural chemical component found in the cannabis plant works with the many cannabinoid receptors in the body, affecting the immune system, nervous system, and sleep cycle.

CBN is combined with other compounds to help the brain recover from sleepless nights.

To add to the effect of CBN on the user’s sleep cycle, the creators also include ashwagandha, which is a known adaptogen that reduces cortisol levels. The form used in this remedy – Shoden Ashwagandha – is incredibly bioavailable, and it reduces stress in an incredible way. It improves the user’s energy and mood when stress hormones make sleeping hard.

Based on the peer-reviewed studies, Shoden Ashwagandha can:

Increase sleep by 42%.

Improve energy by 57%.

Support a positive mood by 48%.

Feel 76% more refreshed.

Increase mental alertness by 71%.

It also improves how quickly the user falls asleep. Read on below to learn about the other ingredients included in this remedy.

All Sleeply ingredients are backed by science. In addition, the formulator assures customers they use pure constituents. Therefore, there are negligible probabilities of health issues from using Sleeply dietary supplements.

 Venetron Rafuma Leaf Extract Lafuma leaf extra can regulate the brain’s sleep dial enabling the users to enjoy quality sleep. Sleeply makers state that it balances moods and improves brain health. As a result, it can restore the natural sleep cycle.
 Reishi Mushrooms Sleeply maker state that Reishi can purify the brain cells and optimize GABA functions. In addition, it benefits the kidneys and suppresses the production of cortisol hormone.
 L-Theanine L-Theanine is an essential amino acid. It improves the body’s GABA levels, supporting the brain for better sleep and focus. The remedy is often associated with relaxation, though some people include it as a weight loss aid or immunity booster. For some cancer drugs, it can improve performance, but additional research is needed to link the effect conclusively.
 GABA GABA is already present in the brain. However, introducing a pure form of it in the Sleeply formula triggers production in the brain. GABA keeps the user calm, playing a significant role in anxiety, stress, and fear. Users with low GABA levels are at severe risk of mental health and neurological conditions.
 Valerian Root Valerian root works by binding to the GABA cells hence improving the circadian rhythm. It alleviates stress and promotes better sleep.
 Shoden Ashwagandha Per Sleeply’s official website, Shoden Ashwagandha is a bioavailable stress-relieving herb that may inhibit cortisol production. In one study, Ashwagandha was found effective in increasing restorative sleep by up to 42%. Additionally, the ancient herb is scientifically proven to increase the users’ metabolism revving up their energy levels by 57%. Ashwagandha can alleviate stress and augment motivation by 48 percent. In addition, sleepily makers state that it can stimulate the production of serotonin and balance moods. Limited studies indicate that Ashwagandha may boost cognition by up to 71 percent.
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Sleeply comes with a 100% money back guarantee - 60 full days from your original purchase. If you're not totally and completely satisfied with our product or your results within the first 60 days simply let us know by calling our toll-free number or dropping us an email and we'll gladly give you a full refund within 48 hours of the product being returned.

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